How many days are required to design a booth?

Based on our experience, we calculate a design process of 5-7 days for a smaller exhibition stand project. However, for large-scale or more complex productions like double-deck stands, our team needs 10-14 days to ensure an outstanding concept development of your brand message. Still, those design times are not binding and can fluctuate based on the trade show briefing.

How much does it cost to rent your equipment?

Generally speaking, it is hard to give a random price because each project is unique on its own. However, after consultation and understanding all project-relevant data like location, assembling times, and equipment needs, we are happy to give you a detailed cost breakdown. 

Do you operate outside of Europe?

Yes, we do operate in entire Europe as well as overseas. We can guarantee professional service in many locations through our constantly growing truck park and network system of reliable partners and logistic suppliers.